LETTER: So much for a Lincolnshire coastal path

Normally, I would be delighted that the Coastal Path is being promoted in Lincolnshire, but instead I am spitting feathers.

In our area, between Grainthorpe and North Somercotes, we already have a Coastal Path, with uninterrupted views of the sea, the samphire beds, sea lavender, sea purslane, saltmarshes, beaches and distant ships. The air is filled with the cries of the many birds to which this coastal strip is home. In the evening the cries of the seals can be heard. Incredibly, all this is about to be taken from us.

This path is a long-standing public right-of-way, used by generations of local people to access the sea and marshes for work and leisure. Yet I understand that the plan is to make this section of coastal path impassable by taking out, at Pyes Hall Sluice, the bridge and part of the sea wall along which it runs and deleting this section of it completely.

So the so-called “Coastal Path” about to be created will instead entail a lengthy diversion inland along a bleak bank top with no view at all of the sea, only of a desolate wasteland created by the bulldozers of Environment Agency. The only way to tackle the bleak and lengthy diversion would be by bike, to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.

Andrew McLaren

West View, Yarburgh