LETTER: So sad it’s come to this at Bill Baker Court

My parents live at Bill Baker Court so I have a good understanding of what goes on in that place.

I just think that it is incredibly sad that residents and there family’s have had to complain to the newspapers to make a difference to the surroundings that they live in, complaints have before been made to staff members (which the carers are lovely) and a meeting was even held with residents and anchor, when one carer spoke up for the residents she was soon after dismissed from her job, and is now taking them to court with unfair dismissal. Now they have spoken to you at the leader.

At this age in life they should be enjoying what they have left of time, not wasting time trying to higher the quality of the standards that they live in.

Why should residents that have lived with good standards of cleanliness etc for the past 70, 80, 90 years now suddenly lower there standards because companies who run there places cant be bothered to invest quality into the surroundings of these residents and even have an events plan for the residents too.

I’m sure if companies even considered it, they would find its really not that difficult.

Samantha Smith

By Email