LETTER: Still confused over evolution

I understand that Mr. McLellan is still confused about evolution and the origins of man and wanted to “educate” me.

Perhaps if Mr. McLellan had read my earlier letter properly he would have seen that I had suggested that in order to clarify what we are discussing we needed to define “evolution”.

If we meant the development of man, as opposed to the origin of man, then there was not argument, we know that modern man is different in many ways to earlier man He is bigger and probably more intelligent due to the things we have learned over time.

However, my original letter was in response to the fact that a Manby school had been criticised for teaching “religionism” without also teaching the truth about “evolution”.

The fact that they had been criticised by the authorities in this way shows that they, the authorities, believed they were synonymous with one another.

Otherwise they might as well have objected if the school had been teaching domestic science without also teaching atomic physics!

As Mr. McLennan quite rightly states, evolution does not mean the origin of man and I do not need to be educated in that belief.

The origin of man can only be explained if we take it that we were created, which implies that there was a Creator. It also means that we are not here by accident, we have a value, we are here for a reason and have a future after this life.

That, alone, makes any sense and is a great relief to most people. We don’t 
need to worry about the origin of the Creator, we’ll find out one day in the next life probably.

There are too many questions that cannot 
be answered by any other theory.

For example, if we are derived from single cells originally, how come we have male and female?

If we all developed - evolved - differently from other animals, how come there are so many similarities? Which came first, the heart, the brain or the lungs? And so on.

I hope that I have educated Mr. McLellan enough as I think this is taking too much of the papers space.

Oh, just one more thing, regarding mice forming as a result of bread and cheese stuffed in cloth for some time in a dark place, I got that from investigating Abiogenesis. It appears that is what they believed!!!

Geoffrey Lover

By email