LETTER: Surprise at Louth Fire Station site

I am somewhat surprised that the new fire station is being built on the existing site bearing in mind the changes in traffic since the original station was built.

However, I am even more surprised and concerned that ELDC has given outline planning permission to allow the proposed housing development off Eastfield Road, as anyone who travels into town from the eastern side of Louth will be aware that this route 
is heavily congested with traffic, especially at peaks times.

The majority of this stretch of road from Eastfield Road through to Morrisons is single file due to vehicles parked not only on one side of the road - in certain areas, both sides are occupied.

Surely allowing the proposed development to go ahead will only make the situation worse.

It goes without saying that every minute counts when emergency vehicles are attending a call out - it would follow if an emergency vehicles are delayed, it could cost lives!

I would be interested to know if ELDC carried out 
a survey to monitor the traffic flow on this stretch of road - if so, what were the findings?

Dick Adams