LETTER: Sutton on Sea Chalets need protection

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Further to your article in Leader 13/08 14, I have enjoyed holidays at Sutton with the use of a council owned beach chalet EVERY YEAR since 1957!!

There is a “fraternity” of people who have met at the chalets every year for MANY years.

The chalets provide a base for beach activities without having to carry all the requirements for a successful day for each day, they are good for changing, picnicking and gathering with friends.

As a grandmother I would not find it as easy to enjoy my annual trip without a beach chalet.

It is very important that there is a central point for booking the chalets so there is simplicity in booking this vital element for the holiday.

The Scripture Union Beach Mission annually brings together a farflung group of people, many of whom use the chalets for a base.

I think any decline in this VITAL service would have a detrimental effect on many of the businesses in Sutton who rely on a very short “season” to make their business sustainable.

I hope that a satisfactory solution can be found for this situation. SUTTON holdays are UNIQUE in that parents are not SPEND, SPEND, SPEND because of the excellent child friendly FREE play facilities provided.

Jennifer Dove

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