Letter: Tackle the problem of obesity

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Editor - I am a senior citizen, but not one who constantly criticises the younger generation.

We hear so many negative things about them in the media, and much of it is exaggerated. Those few who behave badly make the news, not the vast majority who are honest and decent.

It seems to me that in common with many small towns there is precious little for young people to do in Louth, and I was therefore delighted to discover that the alternative proposal for the Cattle Market site being put forward by a local campaign group is for a climbing wall and a lesiure area with a cafe, as well as a venue for musical events. At last, something for the local youth!

However, my elation was short lived when I read about the Move Louth Forward group who say they want a large supermarket on the Cattle Market. In my opinion they are being terribly selfish.

Is this all about saving them the time and expense of going to Grimsby? If so then I think they should examine their consciences. Do any of these people have teenage children?

I’m told that East Lindsey has a major problem with obesity and this climbing wall could surely go some way to tackling that particular problem.

Alice Mumford