LETTER: Thank you for Trusthorpe wildlife clarification

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EDITOR - As the right to reply, I would like to thank Mrs Jaunzems for the explanation regarding the clearance around the land owned by Trusthorpe Village Hall.

The ‘tirade of indignation’ could have been avoided if, as advised by the Wildlife Trust and RSPB, the work had been done in the autumn of winter and, not in the spring.

It came from those of us concerned about the wildlife there which was a natural reaction and not from people just having a moan or condemning (a word not used in my letter) people for trying to improve their village.

Trusthorpe main bridge was an open area of grass, this was grown up natural habitat.

My connections with the village hall go back to the early 1960s when the Rev Jack Parkinson ran the youth club there and I’ve seen many changes since then which have been for the better.

But wildlife is getting pushed out all over the country these days and it is not helped by Defra’s idiotic rules which are even affecting the seal sanctuary now.

Those who have known me over the years, including Elaine Drewery at Hedgehog Care and Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary where I have taken injured rescues know how I feel about wildlife and the destruction of it’s habitat and, also keeping things tidy.

For 20 years up to last year, I looked after a churchyard so, I’m no stranger to what want’s cutting down and when or, at cleaning up after peoples ‘dumped’ rubbish.

I wish Trusthorpe Village Hall every success with their ‘vision of the future’ now we have the facts and, at stopping the dog toilet which will be a miracle in itself since it seems to be ‘here, there and everywhere’.

Perhaps in the future we could be informed about when things are going to happen to save any more understandable concerns.

Not all of us live in a dot com world with information at the push of the button.