LETTER: Thank you to Louth vet for incredible treatment

Would it be possible to thank James Street Veterinary Centre for their very prompt attention to our cat, Biffy, when he somehow managed to end up with approx a 2.5” twig in his eye.

Without their quick care and services he may well of ended up loosing his eye at best.

We think he may have fallen from either a shed or tree or something for it to go in his eye as far as it did, it was pretty gruesome and traumatic but thankfully they operated straight away and despite initial thoughts otherwise, they have both saved his eye and he 
doesn’t appear to have any other after effects either, definitely one of his nine lives gone though.

They couldn’t believe a) how far it had gone in and b) how he could recover so well.

The care we had from the vets was second to none and I have absolute praise and appreciation for them.

The Carlton family

By email