LETTER: Thank you to Trusthorpe residents and visitors for your support

Over the last Bank Holiday weekend, like many other churches, chapels and community centres we held an arts and crafts day and over the whole weekend our displays in our church had a theme of ‘Smile’ and a free competition to count or guess the number of smiley faces (including certain ones)>

We had many visitors both local and holidaymakers and we would like to say a big thank you to them for all of their support.

I would also like to tell all who took part in the competition that Mrs M Roberts of Trusthorpe and a member of Sutton Methodist Church won with a total of 152.

The actual number was 149. The next nearest was 143 which was a lady from Alford.

Mrs Roberts was presented with a box of Cadbury’s Thank You chocolates on Tuesday afternoon.

Like many other similar groups, we are struggling to keep our church and its amenities functioning so we do appreciate support in any form from anyone.


Member of St Peter’s PCC, Trusthorpe.