LETTER: The future of Monks’ Dyke in Mablethorpe

In response to Tony Howard’s comments, on the subject of Mablethorpe’s College, I would like to make the following information clear.

Locally, the most commonly used vernacular is High School/Junior School to differentiate between our two schools.  I was addressing all residents.  Particularly the large population who are not involved in education and to whom the acronym ‘MDTC’ would have meant less than nothing. 

I did not state MTDC ‘is’ an academy.   I used the future perfect tense to illustrate where the school would stand legally as an Academy i.e. We all do need to understand that as an Academy, MDTC has taken itself out of the control of the Local Authority Control etc,.

This was just ‘nit-picking.’ What is of a much more serious nature are the lies contained in his letter.

Firstly, that I must have known about the issue.  I did not know and was not informed by LCC.

This issue will not be heard by the LCC’s Childrens & Young Peoples Committee until July. And all discussions had been confined to the School Board; Childrens Services and the DfE. None of whom had informed me of the problem.

Secondly, and most importantly, I totally refute the lie that I am part of the (LCC) body exerting pressure to close the College. 

The School Board, of which Tony Howard is a member, were the ones who wrote to these bodies stating, as they did not have sufficient pupils numbers and therefore insufficient funds to continue running the College effectively, they intended closing the school in September, 2015.   

Apparently this was meant to be a ‘bluff’ and the School Board voted 7 to 2 to carry out this action.  May I congratulate the 2 members who were judicious enough to realise the inevitable outcome of such an idiotic scheme.  

The Board knew they were only bluffing - LCC; CS and the DfE did not!

Had I been called in to help or intervene on their behalf, I would have strongly advised against such a self-destructive course of action.  The Childrens Services; Dept. for Education and LCC are not the enemy. 

Their job is to strive to ensure the best possible educational services 
are provided for all 

My job is to try to ensure that these services are meeting our own community needs.  

This is best achieved by working in partnership with all departments, particularly now, to try to over-turn what could result in a very negative outcome for our community in the future.

I had a discussion with the Head of Childrens Services who confirmed that further funding will be made available to keep our High School open after September 2015, to give all those involved time to explore any and all alternative options.

I would like to ask Tony Howard, given the above statement of verifiable facts, just who he will direct his protest group to demonstrate against now – himself perhaps?

Cllr. Anne Reynolds

County Councillor for Malethorpe & Trusthorpe