LETTER: The grey face of politics

I found reading your article on John Major’s visit to Victoria Atkins rather depressing.

Especially when he confessed to having known her from childhood.

Having a privileged childhood, with friends in high places and, obviously raised within

a political environment, must have conditioned her to accept her right to enter Parliament as yet another, ready-made, career politician.

But, like the majority of local people, I am fed up with rich, career politicians living in their insular political world, totally unable to relate to the every day realities and struggles of the average person, governing us with such little experience of real life.

The biggest complaint by voters is that all the main parties do not listen to us -the public. And the selection of a non-local Conservative candidate serves to demonstrate perfectly that they not only don’t listen - but they don’t learn either!

Victoria Atkins will not be getting my vote.

Patricia Miles

Highgate Lane, Sutton on Sea