LETTER: The question of Louth ‘progress’

Progress. How many people go weak at the knee and break out into a cold sweat on hearing that word mentioned?

For here we have in the Louth Leader, Wednesday April 23, a headline that just might have a few readers acting in this very manner when reading, “New Proposal for 140 Extra Homes in Louth”.

And as a ex-resident of Louth myself I can only say that these plans put forward by Larkfleet Homes are none other than a much needed lift for a town that over the years has been loving far too long in the past and this scheme should catapult Louth into the 21st Century.

Because I for one am still racking my brains why ELDC in their moment of sheer madness turned down the proposal of “Southern Gateway” in which would of seen 970 homes being built on land off Legbourne Road.

For one must always remember like the old farmer and his wife who years ago witnessed many homes being built in Louth on land that once grew spuds, now have to make way for the younger generation who also need their own homes for their children.

And though this may sound rather harsh, it is at the end of the day in the name of “PROGRESS”.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor