LETTER: Time for action at Bill Baker Court

Having read what Frank Bartle had to say about Anchor keeping to all health and safety regulations, I would like to know, ‘Since When’?

In June, Bill Baker Court was reported to head office by letter, the points raised were sent to Mr Bartle on July 3 after the residents meeting.

Certain things were pointed out to him also by a resident and his reply was ‘I’ll have them seen to ten weeks later’, but nothing has been done and it wasn’t until Anchor was contacted by The Leader that things gradually started to get done.

When Mr Bartle talks of health and safety, if those people had come into Bill Baker a month ago, there would certainly have taken action.

It’s the same old problem, couldn’t care less and staff attitude.

If you are employed to do a job and it’s done correctly, then people are very happy. If you don’t this happens.

Why should the elderly and sick have to push and shove to get things done, is it because they are elderly and won’t bother?

The elderly have rights and have been paying for things which should have been done here, which haven’t.

Now it’s time for Anchor to do what they say there going to do.


Sutton on Sea