LETTER: Time to invest in clean cheap energy

I do not subscribe to the conspiracy theory that Saudi Arabia (the largest oil producing country) is backing the Greens to oppose nuclear power and fracking. But you can see how that argument might be made given all the hysteria that these technologies evince.

I am joined in my support of nuclear power by the governments of France (thanks to its reactors France is Europe’s top electricity exporter), China and South Africa. South Africa has decided to eschew the Mickey Mouse solutions (their words not mine!) of wind and solar power.

To bring safe, clean and affordable electricity to their shanty towns they have embarked upon a programme of building fourth generation nuclear power stations – pebble bed reactors. China is embarking upon a programme of building 29 new reactors.

It is incredible that some people are so ignorant that they cannot embrace 21st century technology.

One can just imagine their Neanderthal ancestors sitting around their caves muttering about the then new technology: “Oh, that fire-thingy they have invented will never catch on. It’s too dangerous, it can burn!” And: “How would they like to have the ashes next to their cave!”

James Lovelock the eminent scientist, who once worked for NASA, and environmental author, who developed the Gaia theory, has written a book emphasising, his long-time support for nuclear power and his hatred of wind power and is now coming out in favour of “fracking”.

He argues that, while not perfect, it is the future. He states that presently gas is at almost give away prices in the USA due to fracking and that Britain should “go mad” for methane.

Please can we ignore the madness and convince our government to invest in safe, clean and cheap energy.

Iris Dainton (Mrs)

South Somercotes, Louth,