LETTER: Traffic wardens taking up parking space - now that’s what I call irony

A Traffic Warden-I think they call them CEO’s- parked his car recently outside my our house in Upgate.

He sat in the car smoking a cigar and playing with his telephone for a considerable time.

He then donned his hat and accoutrements, and set off on patrol, returning over an hour later.

He had therefore denied a local resident the chance of parking in the vicinity of their own home for approximately two hours.

It is ironic, that by taking up one of the spaces he his joining the fly parkers who use the spaces available to the residents, as an all day free car park.

Just up the road is the Cattle Market which is empty six and a half days a week and could accommodate thousands of cars.

How daft is that?

Paddy Shillington

Upgate, Louth