LETTER: UKIP is setting fine example of pulling people of the UK together

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Re. your report of the UKIP meeting held at the Town Hall.

The, er, “gentleman”, Cllr. David Hall, featured so prominently, who feared that UKIP might not represent all sectors of the community, has obviously nothing to worry about as they generally tolerated him with good humour. Well, he managed to raise many a wry smile.

He should practise what he preaches! The party has had MEPs, MPs (yes they did), councillors and candidates for many years, from across the social and racial spectra, who have represented all equally without fear or favour – even those with eccentric imaginations.

None of the other parties represent the totality of British society, far from it (if at all), and, I would suggest, UKIP is setting them a fine example by pulling the people of the UK together to stand against those who are too willing to sell us and our country “down the river”.

D. Axton

By email