Letter: Unnecessary Sunday parking fines

Editor - I thought that your readers would be interested to learn that it can now cost about £60 to go to church in Louth on a Sunday morning.

Several of the older members of both our congregation at St James’, as well as other places of worship in the town, have found parking tickets on their vehicles after attending Sunday morning services. Letters of explanation and complaint have received short shrift from the authorities.

Is it really necessary to have parking restrictions/charges in force on a Sunday?

If it is, then would it not be possible to introduce an exemption for people who, whilst not qualifying for disabled stickers, cannot walk the fairly lengthy distance between their homes and the church of their choice?

Surely a solution can be found, or are the authorities so short of funds that Sunday parking fines make a real difference?

Churches have struggled financially for years but have succeeded in balancing the books. It just takes a little determination and imagination!

John Troughton