Letter: Very upset to hear the news

EDITOR - We are relatively new residents to the area and were very upset to see the sign appear in the window of the Grange and Links Hotel on Thursday. (January 9).

We have found it to be very much the hub of the community where you can meet friends new and old.

It was a great place to meet people who were always willing and eager for a chat.

The Grange and Links was used by locals and holiday makers alike and had built up a very strong reputation over the many, many years it was open and will be a very big and sad loss for everyone alike.

The Grange and Links always offered a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere from staff, locals, visitors, children and dogs!

I am sure we are not the only ones who are lost by its closure, all we can hope is that some kind sole will re-open the venue as it stands at the moment, a community hub, pub, restaurant, hotel and golf course.

Since its closure there has been a distinct ‘quietness’ to Sandilands, something we hope is rectified sooner rather than later.

I have met people over the weekend and we all had the same conversation, where do we go now, it was on our doorstep?

Many have been regular visitors for many, many years, we just hope that it is does not make Sandilands an unknown destination on the map rather than the known it is currently.