LETTER: We already have superfast Broadband in Lincolnshire - check your facts!

I am a person who is determined to never work or campaign in a negative fashion, but having heard Victoria Atkins say several times that she has started a campaign to bring high speed broadband to Lincolnshire, including at the dinner with John Major, I think the record needs to be set straight.

Lincolnshire County Council have been running a programme of high speed broadband rollout since the middle of 2013. Many areas now have high speed broadband and the programme is on time and on budget.

Anybody can go onto the LCC website to check progress and find out when they will be wired up by putting in their postcode.

There are areas that will not receive high speed broadband in phase one of 
the project, principally the wolds.

There is however a pilot project to supply wireless broadband, the test area being Butlins in Skegness.

There is a double page article in the winter edition of County News which fully describes progress so far.

I do note that there are areas that will not be covered in phase 1 and look forward to seeing how effectively they can be covered with, for example, wireless high speed broadband and then look forward to seeing if there will be the cash made available to then cover the 2-5% of houses/businesses that will not be covered.

In my work round the county it is educational to see just how many people work from home and of course high tech modern farming certainly needs high speed broadband.

It is surprising that the conservative administration at county haven’t briefed Ms Atkins in more detail.

Colin Mair

UKIP PCC for Louth and Horncastle