LETTER: Why a lack of urgency over Louth’s flood defences?

We are constantly being reminded that because of climate change many areas are at risk of flooding and Louth is no exception.

In June 2007, catastrophic flooding caused devastating damage to many properties in the town.

The Times newspaper, printed on December 8, 2008, reported that money was to be made available to bring forward flood defences 
for high risk areas. The project was due to start in 2010, and was brought forward to 2009.

It was proposed that measures would be taken to control excessive water flow to prevent future flooding with a scheme to hold back flood water to the west of Louth.

After eight years and more risk of flash flooding, I am dismayed and alarmed that work has not yet been started. Having contacted various ‘agencies’, I have been told rather vaguely that the defences will commence in 2015.

Why the delay? Surely this project should have been put into action many months ago.

There seems to have been little sense of urgency. Should there be a repeat of the flood in 2007, would the agencies responsible be prepared to pick up the insurance bill?

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