Letter: Why change the formula?

EDITOR -A council spokesman said the £25,000 retail report commissioned by ELDC was to provide information (to assist planning decisions) should an application from a supermarket be received.

The report itself says 50 per cent of Louth’s citizens are against building another supermarket with only 34 per cent in favour.

It also predicts a nine per cent growth in population (over 16 years!) for which we need a third supermarket; as a consequence of which, ‘two or three’ shops would close together with ‘a significant’ reduction in trade for the two existing supermarkets.

The report claims that 28 per cent of Louth’s food expenditure is lost to nearby towns and cities (ie: Grimsby & Lincoln).

Is it suggesting that those people who waste petrol to shop elsewhere will then desist, return here and patronise a smallish Tesco on Newmarket? I doubt it!

I fail to see how this scenario benefits this town - to lose even one of our independent shops would be unacceptable.

Also interviewed was a representative of the Retailers Association, who tried to justify another store. He conceded that, if a retail outlet was not needed, then people would vote with their feet (and wallets) to shop elsewhere - hence that enterprise would fail.

Louth’s shops and stores are bustling so why change anything?

For a given population, there is only a fixed amount of money available for spending (and getting less, due to the recession).

Ask who would benefit from the building of a third supermarket: the developers and the store’s owners - not this town.


Broadbank, Louth