LETTER: Why do banks and Government reward failure?

When we set out on our career, our employer pays us an income based on skill, responsibility, training, working conditions and bodily risk.

We accept that payment and in return do our best at the job we have been given. Both sides can terminate the agreement if they feel that the other side has failed to fulfil their side of the bargain. Thus, when we retire, we have received an income through our working years and the employer has had the benefit of our labours.

Why is it then that certain employments, particularly the banks and civil service, feel it necessary to give huge sums of money to retiring employees?

It would appear that these uncalled for cash hand outs are prevalent in ‘industries’ where money is easy come by and profligacy is the name of the game.

The Conservatives want these obscene payments cut back to £95,000 maximum. A more appropriate figure would be zero with , perhaps, a two week paid holiday of your choice. as an appropriate send off to retirement.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth