LETTER: Why do we need these £50,000 council officers?

How appalling that ELDC has created a £50k plus job for someone to do essentially what CPBS was created for - to SAVE money!

Why have a Strategic Development Manager to oversee their IT when the purpose of CPBS was to manage the IT for ELDC?

CPBS has an IT Director and an IT Manager (salaries £100k+) I thought to manage the IT requirements on behalf of ELDC and SHDC? Surely where ELDC has IT requirements they ask CPBS to advise? Why do they need a specific role to do this?

It used to be Jane Froggatt and now Alison Penn who merely had to advise “have we the budget?” “ is it required?”.

ELDC keep telling us they have no money - where is £50k coming from to duplicate what CPBS is supposed to be doing.

I despair.

What do you think?

Frank Jackson

Sea View, Trusthorpe