LETTER: Why don’t MPs and the Royal Family test run fracking on their land?

I for one, am dreading the Queen’s speech this month.

Parliament is forcing upon us a law which revokes any right we have to ban any fracking company from invading private property.

This means that they have carte blanche to use your land to remove the lethal cocktail of corrosive and poisonous chemicals and gas, leaving behind corrupted, useless soil and undrinkable water, which will in turn invade the water table causing an environmental disaster.

All you will receive in compensation is your 30 pieces of silver, £100 to be exact.

In recent weeks two fracking wells in Iowa USA have exploded killing and injuring many.

There are also a large number of people forced to live next to these wells, who are now successfully suing the US Government because the effect on their health is catastrophic and their properties badly damaged by induced earthquakes.

So, if all those who champion fracking in our parliament and the Royal Family for that matter, volunteers their personal property and estates, starting with all of London, Sandringham, Highgrove and Gatcombe to name just a few as the first in line to receive fracking and continue for all of us to see, to eat and drink off these estates, then and only then, should this filthy and corrupting industry be used on the rest of our green and pleasant land, our England.

After all, those in power and our peers should practice what they preach and lead by example don’t you think?

And if one is still in full agreement with this industry, then ask yourself, why is fracking totally banned in France and Germany?

G P Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor