LETTER: Why I’m voting UKIP

Just recently I have got to know Colin Mair, the UKIP candidate for Louth, Horncastle and area to Sutton on Sea.

The more I know of Colin, the more impressed that I become..Colin, with five brothers and sisters, was raised in a mining community and is therefore no stranger to being hard up.

With hard work he became qualified as a manufacturing engineer and then has worked right around the world, setting up and installing new manufacturing facilities.

Thus he has had a ‘proper job’ up to now and is no stranger to the hopes, fears and aspirations of the working man.

Not for him the privileged up bringing and university course on politics.

He has grafted his way to being a candidate and has a full grasp of what it is to save for a mortgage, be made redundant etc.

If the people of Louth, Horncastle and area want a member of parliament to truly represent them, then they can do no better than have Colin Mair.

On May 7th the solution is in their hands – vote Colin Mair, vote UKIP.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth