Letter: Why is it all light at night?

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It’ll be ALL-LIGHT on the night!!! 1.30am on 9th April 2014 I awoke to see bright white light trying to penetrate my thick, lined bedroom curtains and a white glow framing the window.

I thought I was dreaming. Looking out of the window the light was so bright I thought have aliens landed - has it snowed - a floodlit football ground but no it was the new street lights in The Strand.

Just one light appears to be much brighter than Mablethorpe’s famous Star. Our lights seemed perfectly adequate.

Similar LED lights recently installed elsewhere in the country have resulted in many complaints from the public because the light is just too bright - Daily Mail Tuesday 8th April.

The advice from Lincolnshire County Council does not state which council is funding this scheme.

Is the cost of such a scheme - which must be in the many tens of thousands of pounds - justified when other problems such as the state of our roads do not get rectified e.g. dangerous pot holes in many of our roads including The Strand.

Funds are needed elsewhere - Mablethorpe does not have enough police, especially in the summer when our population is greatly increased - traffic wardens - help for elderly or disabled - just one dog warden to cover an area which seems to be from Land’s End to John O Groats. Local residents volunteer to cover litter picking and dog fouling problems. Libraries closing, calling for volunteers.

J Reed

The Strand

PS. Do I qualify for a grant for new thicker bedroom curtains?