LETTER: Why no real time bus information in Louth?

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With many bus passengers travelling through Louth it is most surprising why no ELECTRONIC REAL TIME information is not available?

Very often the number 10 from Lincoln ‘struggles’ to meet the Mablethorpe connection due to extensive delays on route in Wragby, as a consequence the No. 9 Inter connect, fails to connect and causes hour delays for passengers travelling in both directions?

Clearly Louth terminus is not important enough for the authorities concerned, but if you are ‘stranded’ it would be nice to know ‘for how long’ and find a comfortable seat to ‘while-away’ the time more comfortably.

Only recently, passengers waiting for the Lincoln connection used the toilets and missed the bus, that was very late, they were further stranded for up to two hours.

This is a crazy situation, when in this day and age of sustainable transport passengers are abused on a regular basis.

Steve Allnutt