LETTER: Why the NHS is worth fighting for

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I would like to thank all who have sent me get well messages be it through flowers, 
cards, emails, phone or social media.

I am pleased to say that both tumours were successfully removed from liver and bowel and both organs are functioning correctly.

This does not cure my cancer but hopefully buys me another few years.

Since first diagnosed with my condition in 1998 cancer research has come along leaps and bounds and breakthroughs will keep happening.

My big worry is the NHS. You know the old thing about “what have the Romans ever done for us” and then a great list of things come out?

Well the same could be said about what has British government ever done for us?

Trouble is since WW2 I can only think of one thing that really really stands out. The NHS.

Free at the point of delivery the NHS has done so well for this country and it’s people and for me.

Problems, there are many, our own local issue in Sutton on Sea for instance with our surgery opening less often but the NHS is worth fighting for and I believe it is time to wake up and smell the Morphine.

Please make sure The NHS is a priority after all we all need it at some time or other.

Councillor Steve Palmer

Sutton on Sea