LETTER: Wind farms - a rebuttal

Oh dear, Mr. Tereszczak seems upset at my letter regarding Wind farms and believes I should take measures to become better informed on the subject.

So let us see where I could be better informed!

Mr. T. states that my comment regarding wind farms are overpriced is too silly to reply to and asks who would build them if that were true.

Well, companies who are offered outrageous subsidies to build and run them certainly would. Farmers who are offered exorbitant subsidies to have them on their land would be delighted to do so.

He says that once wind farms are built the electricity is free so how can that be inefficient? The “fuel”, i.e. the wind, is free but the costs include all those huge subsidies, making the electricity at least three times as expensive as with conventional generators.

He accepts that they are sometimes inefficient and makes a derogatory remark about me, which I will not deign to answer. He says that my comments about the necessity for having back up generators to support so called green power is correct ad then spoils it by trying to insinuate that this is normal with conventional generating anyway.

He obviously does not know that having to have a turbine generator running on standby in case it is needed is the most inefficient and expensive method of getting the necessary backup for when the wind either does not blow at all or blows too much. In fact it is a bit like having your car ticking over in the garage in case you need it if your bicycle has a puncture while you are riding it!

Anybody with any degree of common sense would understand that.

I am sure that he knows something of the draft National Grid consultancy paper on Demand Side Balancing Reserve and Supplemental Balancing Reserve where they are offering owners of diesel generators massive subsidies to make them available to the grid in the event that wind farms are not producing enough energy.

As a result of this initiative dozens of private firms are signing up, including one run by a former Governor of Oklahoma who was amazed that the British were offer no subsidies SEVEN TIMES greater than those offered in the USA.

These subsidies are up to 12 times the going rate for conventional electricity generation and even up to £15,000 per Megawatt hour of electricity, that is 300 times the going rate.

If Mr. T. is not aware of these things perhaps he should look into it and become better informed.

If he IS aware of it, why has he not mentioned these points and corrected his figures, or is he waiting for a subsidy of his own?

Geoff Lover

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