Letter: Working to improve village

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I would like to respond to the letter in last week’s Leader from S. Reder, under the heading “Felling”.

This project was bound to cause controversy, but I would like to give you the facts, always best before launching into a tirade of indignation, I think.

The land in question is owned by Trusthorpe Village Hall.

We are currently on the process of refurbishing this building and are incorporating the land opposite.

This was very overgrown, mainly with brambles.

The shrubs, such as there were, we’re choked and and neglected, the trees had broken branches and were in a dangerous condition.

We have plans to plant new shrubs,wild flowers and in Autumn bulbs.

We intend the land to be used for Garden Fêtes and other events,we hope to have seating around a pleasant space for both locals & visitors to enjoy instead of it being the local dog toilet & dumping ground.

We have a vision!!!

So please have a little patience, after all there was a lot of moaning about the Main bridge Gardens and that went on to win two top RHS Awards.

I assure you you no birds nests were disturbed in the clearance and there is still lots of wildlife there.

So, please don’t condemn people for trying to improve their village.

L.E. Jaunzems. (Mrs)