LETTER: Zero degrees down to Louth Town Partnership

Patrick Neville was quite right to put the record straight about Louth Town Partnership’s achievements, and its narrative with ELDC (Louth Leader, 18 Mar). It’s important that people know both sides of the story.

What wasn’t mentioned was that the hugely successful Zero Degrees festival was also a creation of the Town Partnership, bringing to the town Party in the Pews, Vintage Day and the comedy festival, to add to the plethora of cultural and sporting events that Louth has enjoyed for many years.

Now the festival is an independent, constituted organisation, with a 
vibrant and energetic committee, busily planning the 2015 festival and determined to continue with the long term strategic plan to put Louth on the UK festival map.

Alan Mumby

Chair, Zero Degrees Festival (Board member, Louth Town Partnership)