Letters on Louth’s Christmas market

EDITOR - I missed the lovely dogs that always come and would love to hear some Christmas music belting out.

The Santa was brilliant with my three-year-old daughter, it is the first year she has really known what Christmas is and he spent ages with her chatting away and we could take pics and Isabel came away with a huge smile on her face.


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EDITOR - Re Louth Christmas Market. I loved it just moved to Louth this year, and the first Christmas market I’ve been to and it lived up to how many stalls there was, none was really my type but I still enjoyed it and kids loved seeing Santa.


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EDITOR - Was boring. Everything was either wicker hearts or photo frames and cakes that everytime we went past the kids wanted one. They was so bored and fed up we lasted half an hour and went home. Nothing for them at all such a shame as my son was so hyped up to go. Only thing he liked was Santa!


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EDITOR - We went specifically to listen to the children from Lacey Gardens School singing. The children sang their hearts out.

Just a shame no one could hear them because the music was played so loud. I know I was not the only person to complain, but it fell on deaf ears. Let’s face it, Christmas is mostly about the children for a lot of people (I am not religious).


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