Letters to the Louth Leader - 31 October 2012

Parking woes

Oppose end to free parking

EDITOR - District Council proposals to charge for parking in Louth on Sundays and to introduce fees in designated car parks that are currently free are short-sighted and must be vigorously opposed.

The result will be a further squeeze on spaces in streets such as the one I live in where already it is often impossible to find a park anywhere near one’s home in working hours.

Furthermore, visitors (if they decide to come at all) will clog up free and refundable parking areas such as Morrisons and the Co-op.

Sunday charging makes no economic sense and from everyone I speak to runs counter to public wishes.

Organisations such as the Louth Town Partnership are striving to bring visitors into the town with popular Sunday events such as the Louth Food Festival, the Victorian Family Fayre and the Christmas Crafts Market.

What sort of public message does raising extra revenue from parking send out other than the easiest way to help local authorities cut their spending? What sort of economic modelling other than a ‘scrutiny panel’ has been conducted to ensure that local businesses are not negatively impacted?

Huge amounts of work, much by volunteers at minimal cost to the public purse, goes into organising community events and winning county and national recognition such as the BBC’s recent Britain’s Favourite Market Town and East Midlands In Bloom awards.

Add to this the long list of prestigious prizes won by our butchers, bakers and cheesemakers and you have a wealth of tourism pluses that are the envy of many less fortunate market towns.

East Lindsey must think twice before imposing additional charges to raise a few hundred thousand pounds which most likely would disappear almost overnight from our local economy as shoppers and tourists spend their money elsewhere. Market Rasen, where parking is free, comes to mind.




Could council create car park?

EDITOR - I read with interest the article in your paper dated October 17 and if l were Mr Allinson l would copy his ‘proposed plan action’ and wish to build/erect housing on this site, and agree with his comments about the Queen Street site being ‘detrimental to Louth’.

Would it not seem logical for the council to purchase Allinson & Wilcox former property at junction of Queen Street and Church Street and develop it for car parking?

I know on occasions vehicles have actually hit one another’s wing mirrors passing by the ‘bottle neck’ in Church Street (one of the narrowest sections of roadways in Louth) and l have heard of people with push chairs having to rush out of the way in this area due to vehicles mounting the footpaths.

Therefore wouldn’t the time now be right to widen this section of road by acquiring the site/property in question. I realise this may cause inconvenience to other households in this area, but compensation via compulsory purchase adapted by the council would overcome an area where a serious accident is waiting to happen.

Considering the lack of parking, have the councils considered building a twin decker car park on the site in Northgate?

Being a former Ludensian and having very many happy memories and thoughts of Louth, I know many people from far afield enjoy visiting.

But they all express one common and uniform matter – lack of parking. Before the town centre is left in the dark ages and visitors venture elsewhere due to the lack of car parking and certain eye sores, may l politely suggest the relevant councils compile a plan of action in the immediate future to cover the next 10 years, so it gives visitors and residents something to look forward with natural zest and enthusiasm.


Gobowen, Shropshire


Help Town reach next level

EDITOR - Could I agree with the comments made by Daryl Clare about how disappointed he is with the attendance down at Park Avenue on match days, the team is playing in the highest grade of football it has ever achieved and at the moment are second in the league.

There is a great team spirit happening at the park, many people work hard free of charge to get things ready for match days and they deserve the highest praise.

More people through the gate on match days would not only boost the coffers for the club but every new voice supporting the team would help them in their quest for promotion into the next level.

So check in the papers to see when they’re at home and come down and support Louth Town FC. You just might take to it!




Charging nurses a disgrace

EDITOR - I am a community nurse who has to use my car for the job, often carrying equipment, I am being asked to pay £160 pounds a year. My area of work covers approx 20 mile radius and therefore I have no alternative.

My employers rent office space from ULHT and are unable to waiver this charge for district nurses, health visitors, school nurses and other community staff.

Please keep my name private as I would fear reprimand. Our choice is to try and find parking near to the hospital - almost impossible, risk possible injury as carrying equipment or take what is in effect a pay cut.

It is a disgrace and I feel community staff should be exempted from this charge.