Lindum development debate is rumbling on

EDITOR – In the front page article on January 4, Pete Spybey repeats the claim that the Lindum development will lead to more money and jobs coming into the town.

These claims are made so repeatedly but no-one says what or where the jobs will be, or how money will come into the town when users will turn off east of the school on Alford Road and leave the same way without visiting the town. The only real beneficiary will be the supermarket proprietor.

Another article says plans for a recycling centre have been scrapped for want of a suitable site. This would really be a benefit to the whole area so how about the land off Golf Road? A much more practical use than, for example, another pub struggling to exist.

It is time for a realistic approach, and surely the Tesco plan would bring people into the town in addition to providing a much-needed improved and more modern sports centre.


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EDITOR – My views are that we need the Lindum development in Mablethorpe.

For too long the shops and area have been getting depressingly more and more jaded, tired and full of ‘tatt’ shops.

We need this development to bring more work, housing, and to bring people back to the town for shopping instead of going to Grimsby, Lincoln etc.

The shopkeepers of the area own a lot of the shops in the High Street, and they are against the development for obvious reasons. But the town has not changed much in the last 20 years or so, the shops are still basically the same.

Shops open for a few months, then close down again; the facades etc of the High Street are depressingly tatty.

So please, all, take your heads out the sand and welcome this development. It will inject money, life and hope into our area.

All the people who are for it should speak out, as opposed to the few who do not want it, who seem to get their voice heard more than ours.


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EDITOR – I support the Lindum petition and under no circumstances should the East Lindsey District Council decision be allowed to stand.

Until LB Mablethorpe are allowed to develop Mablethorpe we will continue shopping at ASDA. Morrisons and Tesco in Grimsby, Boston and Lincoln and even Morrisons in Louth.


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EDITOR – My hope for 2012 is Lindum vigorously contesting the East Lindsey District Council rejection of a £50million regeneration scheme for Mablethorpe.

In my opinion, to rubbish a £50million investment in deprived Mablethorpe is the kind of decision based on crass lunacy.

One thing this rejection illustrates: it explains beyond doubt reason for Mablethorpe’s many years of decline.

The town does not have any chance to progress whilst major investment schemes like Lindum’s are stifled at birth.


Golf Road, Mablethorpe

EDITOR – I fully support the Lindum campaign; let’s fight to bring Mablethorpe into the real world.

We are far behind all other seaside resorts.


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EDITOR – In the December 21 issue of the Mablethorpe Leader, Coun Andrew Ferryman voiced concerns that Mablethorpe’s infrastructure would not cope with the large influx of families if the new Lindum houses were built.

We have been told by the supporters of the development that the homes were for local families, so where is the influx coming from?

If the Mablethorpe area is so short of housing, why is there a small estate of family homes on the outskirts of Sutton on Sea standing empty? I am sure someone will enlighten me.


Golf Road, Mablethorpe