Local bank? Not in Mablethorpe!

EDITOR – Thank you for giving me the chance to comment on the closure earlier this year of the Mablethorpe branch of the HSBC Bank.

I watch with sardonic amusement the company’s present TV advertisement, which goes to great lengths to show us toasted insects being eaten (what makes the bank think we want to see such ghastly images?) and persists in referring to itself as ‘The World’s Local Bank’... not if you live in Mablethorpe!

I’ve emailed HSBC with this comment and suggested that the use of the word ‘local’ in its ads is no longer appropriate.

I’ll let you know the bank’s reply when I receive it.

By the way, I was not a customer, but I work for an organisation that was. We now bank with Barclays in the town and receive excellent service.

Kind regards to you and all the staff. Thanks for a wonderful local paper!


Wellington Road, Mablethorpe