Louth’s uniqueness of character must not be put at risk

EDITOR – I have read with interest your newspaper each week since I moved here in November and have followed the story of Sainsbury’s desire to build a Local store in Newmarket and the subsequent correspondence.

I would like to add my thoughts as a newcomer.

We moved to the Louth area from north Essex because we liked its uniqueness, and the lack of congestion of both cars and people, and, like many others I am sure, would not wish to see an out-of-town store by a roundabout, on the bypass, like so many towns now have.

But I support the concept of having a well-known local store being built within the town. It is a brownfield piece of land, and there is what I would consider a lack of range and competition for this type of store in the area.

One writer was concerned about the amount of traffic along a busy road. Can I assure this person that there are no busy roads in Louth.

If one wishes to see a busy road then I can recommend that a visit to the south east of England would achieve this.

Yes, let’s keep the uniqueness that is Louth and its surrounds, but not to the sacrifice of new development.

Finally, I would like t say the service I receive at the waste and recycling plant on Fairfield is exemplary. Not only are you greeted politely, but are directed clearly and there is someone to help you actually unload your car and dispose of your goods into a bin.

My experiences prior to this were not nearly as pleasant.

This is another reason we are delighted that we moved here – the general politeness of the people we meet whoever they are.

Tony Groom