Ludensians should take the decisions affecting our town

EDITOR – I hope Louth people realise that the 15 ELDC councillors sitting on the planning committee at Manby, making decisions on where we are to have shops and supermarkets etc in Louth, are from Sloothby, Holton le Clay, Tetney, Burgh le Marsh, Mablethorpe, Woodhall Spa, Horncastle, Chapel St Leonards, Sutton on Sea, Spilsby and so on.

Do they know what Louth people want? Of course not. Isn’t it time these decisions were made locally by Louth people on Louth Town Council?

I would like to point out to ELDC that the industrial estate is a bit of a misnomer, and is really a commercial centre with, I would guess, 80 per cent of the units selling retail over the counter to the general public.

I can buy DIY, bikes, car polish, plumbing, furniture, camping and caravan accessories, TVs, clothing, hot dogs, rugs and carpets, toy tractors, anything electrical, tennis racquets, garden centre items, eat in a restaurant, etc, etc, and soon shop for groceries at the new petrol station shop.

I am not knocking any of this and welcome it all. I only wish success for all Louth shops and businesses as success brings jobs for Louth people.

So what are ELDC’s reasons for turning down Lidl and Farmfoods? As for Trotters, is ELDC planning a phased shutdown of all retail units, some so recently passed?

So come on ELDC planning committee, have a sensible rethink on what Louth people want, and take less notice of the planners’ advice.

Barry West

Christopher Close, Louth