Mablethorpe cannot keep turning away developers

Editor – Regarding the proposed Golf Road Development in Mablethorpe.

Do I live in Mablethorpe? – Yes.

Have I lived in Mablethorpe more than a couple of years? – Yes, I moved here nearly 40 years ago.

Will I be affected by the proposed development on Golf Road? – Yes, I live adjacent to the proposed area.

Have I seen any other proposed developments turned down over the years? – Yes most certainly.

Do I shop in Mablethorpe? – Yes, every day.

Do I support local Mablethorpe businesses? – Yes, I strongly believe in keeping it local.

Am I in favour of the proposed Golf Road development? – Yes, most definitely.

Why? Because I believe we need more housing choices in Mablethorpe.

I believe we need more social and affordable housing in Mablethorpe.

I believe the development will create jobs both during and after the building stage.

I believe in competition between businesses as we all know competition drives prices down.

I believe we need another large supermarket to compete with the Co-op store.

I believe we need another service station to give ‘us locals’ a choice of where to buy the cheapest fuel for our cars.

I believe we need to have a family pub and restaurant on this development again to widen our ‘consumer choices’.

We cannot keep turning the developers away.

And, finally, I ask this question of those people who are against allowing more people to move to our town: Why is it ok for you to live here or for you to have moved here and yet it is not ok for others to do the same?


Rutland Road, Mablethorpe

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