Mablethorpe illuminations switch-on sparks a debate

LAST weekend saw 7,500 people descend on Mablethorpe seafront for the summer illuminations switch-on. With no celebrity this year, it was Australia’s Flame Oz who provided the finale with a spectacular fire show.

But the event itself has drawn a distinctly mixed reaction from readers.

We’ve compiled the comments from across the platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to emails and letters.

I FEEL compelled to write to dispel the rumours that Mablethorpe’s illuminations event was a success.

As a local business operator I have to say that most of the town was ‘starved’ of customers as the event was held on the beach.

The High Street, Victoria Road and side streets were deserted and most of the outlets closed early, my own included. This is normally our busiest day and night of the entire year but this year it was one of the quietest.

There were a few stalls outside the Factory Shop selling home made jam but other than that, the High Street seemed to see nothing of the thousands spent to organise this fiasco.

Advertising came in the form of flyers, these were only distributed a few hours before the event and seemed to advertise only a few businesses. Six of the events took place on the central beach directly outside the Dunes Complex, with the entire evening’s programme also held there.

Local business people are fuming to say the least.

With no VIP in attendance, someone saw fit to cancel the procession as well.

With cheerleaders, scouting troops and baton twirlers coming from all over the country to attend this must have been a slap in the face and more than likely they will take their holidays elsewhere in future.

Surely the council can come up with something better than this when they have a whole year to plan it.

They will get a second chance of course, but will some of the struggling businesses? I’m not sure they will during this economic crisis.

As Tesco say, ‘Every little helps’.


We think it was a great day and night, the fireworks were the best we have ever had.

All in all a great day and night was had by everyone, and the place was packed which is always good news.

SJ Carruthers - via email

Sorry but I thought it was a total waste of time and money!

There was no atmosphere, no parade and people didn’t even realise the lights were on because we were all made to look out to sea. The money Flame Oz would have cost surely wasn’t that much different to a celebrity?

There are a number of local acts that I’m sure would have performed an act beforehand to entertain us.

I know a lot of people agree with me too.

Zowie Silk - via Facebook

I’ve been to every single lights switch-on since I’ve lived in Lincolnshire and found this one by far the best.

Flame Oz were amazing and money well spent rather than some ‘celebrity’ talking and attempting to sing that we can’t even see or hear!

The fact it was on the beach and not the pullover was much better for the elderly to sit, and for people like me who have a young child.

It was easier to stand for long periods of time and was great that older kids could sit close to the action on the sand and be able to see.

I, for one, thought it was a welcome change with much better fireworks display. Flame Oz provided a refreshing change to a normally tired display that had run its course, I also liked the fact they cut out the tacky countdown to the lights coming on.

Well done to the people who organised an event that attracted a massive amount of people!

Charlotte Harneiss - via Facebook

I’ve never seen such an all-time low and step backwards!

@Eastie_ - Via Twitter

Switch-on! What switch-on?

I have to say that the illuminations switch-on in Mablethorpe was the most disappointing I have seen in over 25 years of visiting the seaside town. In fact the ‘switch on’ was very non-descript. With NO countdown, NO celebrity and NO compere the whole event was a ‘switch off’.

The new location at the Dunes was also a non-starter for my family and I. With the whole event taking place on the sand, my disabled son felt left out as he simply cannot get access, my mother in law is also in a wheelchair and she felt the same.

What is usually the highlight of our annual holiday turned out to be a real disappointment to us all.

What was wrong with the old format when the whole town was buzzing with crowds of people, the streets lined with children in anticipation of the parade passing? This year was definitely quieter than previous, in fact we struggled to find anywhere to eat after 7pm as nearly all the businesses along the main street had already closed, I presume due to lack of trade.

It’s very sad to say but I think we will give Skegness a try next year.


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I just read your piece in the Mablethorpe Leader and felt I must send in my thoughts.

My daughters and I are visiting from Leicestershire had a brilliant time at the fire show and fireworks. Great location and atmosphere and the fireworks were tremendous, particularly the finishing flourishes. We had a brilliant evening.


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