Make beach hut festival more accessible for all

EDITOR – Like many others living on the coast I’m disabled, and the recent beach hut festival was too spread out for me to see it all.

I’m all in favour of the likes to bring in the visitors. With that in mind I would like to suggest to the organisers ‘A beach hut decoration festival’ and members of the public/businesses to use council chalets at a nominal charge.

Chalets comprise two side panels, two roof panels and two verandahs, all of which could hold prefabricated panels decorated before attachment. Floats in carnivals are almost just memories due to health and safety and insurance.

Decorated chalets are a safer option. Decoration could be like Spalding’s flowers or using other materials, or businesses using their own materials and advertising themselves.

On the first weekend of the displays they could be judged by a panel and other entertainment laid on. The public could vote during the week and the public’s choice winners be awarded the following weekend.

Displays could be left for any length of time! Materials used should be waterproof.