Many objections to Golf Road plan

EDITOR – I am totally opposed to the LB Mablethorpe development and the proposal to raise the ground level from the site boundary to 3.7 metres (AOD).

This would seriously affect our privacy. Also in the event of a deluge, as was seen in 2007, the drains in Golf Road and the surrounding area could not cope with the amount of water and sewage that flooded gardens. How could this system cope with the extra running water running off the site into Golf Road and surrounding roads and areas?

The bungalows in The Strand have problems with flooding and subsidence. New bungalows in Grosvenor Road have already sunk and now have problems with fractured drains. If this has occurred what will happen with land profiling to 12ft 4ins?

A supermarket, and a pub/restaurant could take business away from the town centre which has been proved throughout the country.

A supermarket in the town centre will bring custom and trade to the heart of Mablethorpe and encourage more businesses. Who will benefit from Mablethorpe new town? The developers, supermarket, pub/restaurant and those who want an Asda store, certainly not us and the town of Mablethorpe.

The visual impact this development, towering above the rest of Mablethorpe...

What an intimidating, ugly scene this will be to visitors entering the town.

Golf Road resident

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