Marisco practice does not oppose plans

EDITOR – RE: Golf Road development.

Whilst the Marisco Medical Practice has had no involvement in this scheme, I understand that there has been some local resistance and that the practice has been used as an example of a local organisation who are also opposed to this development.

Over the past few weeks I have therefore contacted the developers, and other parties who have knowledge of this scheme, and I would like to place on record that I cannot find any reason why the practice would oppose this development.

I have been informed that the proposed new houses are required for existing families in Mablethorpe who are waiting on a housing list where demand far exceeds supply.

I understand there are also some houses for sale, but as the numbers are relatively small, I do not feel that the practice would be subjected to a large influx of new patients, which would de-stabilise the services we already have.


Practice manager, Marisco Medical Practice