Market is good, but closing the High Street is bad news for shop owners

EDITOR – I don’t think it makes any difference if the market is on a Thursday or moved to a Tuesday.

How can moving the market to a Tuesday kill it?

I’m sure there are more new traders who would love to come to Mablethorpe on the Tuesday – I would be happy to set up my stall on a Tuesday if the opportunity was given to me.

As a new business owner in Mablethorpe the market can be good for the local community, but the High Street is not the best road to close to hold the market.

It seems to cut out the other small businesses around the town centre as shoppers no longer need to venture any further than an already-busy road such as the High Street.

A lot of small shops, unless on the High Street, may as well close their doors on market day. It also stops important traffic coming into Mablethorpe: i.e. holiday makers.

In my opinion, Victoria Road would be better suited to hold the market; this would help boost the trade for all in the town centre and traffic can flow through the centre as it did before.


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