Market move may end in ‘disaster’

EDITOR – Further to your story regarding the relocation of the Mablethorpe market I can say that not everyone supports the move.

Although the market has only had one Thursday (at time of writing) I have had a number of traders on the east side of the High Street report that their trade was affected to the detriment of the market being located in the High Street.

Indeed when I came into town last Thursday I was presented with a road block of white vans. No signs to say why they were there, or none I could clearly see, only a diversion sign pointing down Seacroft Road.

Knowing Mablethorpe I turned off at Handley’s Seacroft Ford to get to the office but assume as there was not a diversion sign at that junction that traffic was routed to the bottom of Seacroft Road near Tennyson High School.

Whilst I appreciate that any road diversion may have to follow primary road routes this diversion does send cars back out of town which in the current climate is not acceptable.

Going down the High Street from the east the High Street was closed from the Victoria Road junction with no visible reasons why to the general public.

I think in order for the traders on the east side of the High Street to not be affected the following measures need to be implemented immediately:

l The ends of the market to be open and not blocked by vans so that the public and visitors to Mablethorpe (who will not be aware of what is happening) can actually see there is a market happening rather than it look like there is some kind of road block.

l To promote the market is there clear, large, unobstructed signage needs to be at each end of the market.

l Thought given to the traders on the east side of the market.

l The diversion on the east side be down George Street instead of Victoria Road

What has to be remembered is that the traders of Mablethorpe support the town all year round, paying rent, rates, loans etc and not just one or two part days a week paying a low rent.

What may appear good on the face may have disastrous consequences down the line.


Director, Kurnia Intertrade Ltd