Memories of Mum, and Mablethorpe life

EDITOR – My mother has recently passed away. She was born Elsie Silcock, of Seaholme Road, Mablethorpe, on November 30 1916, one of 11 children to Richard and Florence Silcock.

Her parents ran a farm, a caravan site, a car park and lorry for general deliveries – on the corner opposite the old convalescent home.

My mum thought the world of Mablethorpe and told wonderful stories of life at school, growing up, and the general way of life there.

The school must have been something special back then as mum was very intelligent and could recite stuff she learned there such as poems etc.

The annual circus was held on their land. They knew Billy Butlin when he fist went to Mablethorpe and Alex Henshaw (of Spitfire fame) and his family stayed with them when they came to the area.

Alex used to land his plane on the beach and go over for breakfast while one of mum’s brothers minded his plane.

Mum met George (Cobb) Walker and moved to near Ramsey, Hunts, after marrying. When Dad went overseas during the war, Mum moved back to Mablethorpe, living in Victoria Road until the war was over. They then moved back to Ramsey.

They had three sons, Brian, Allen and me.

We used to visit Mablethorpe very often as kids. I used to look after the car park during school holidays. Mablethorpe was always in Mum’s blood and her one wish was to have her ashes scattered on the beach.

Mum was the last of her family to survive and it seems like the end of an era.

I could go on with her stories of Mablethorpe.

It must have been a great place for a lady to be born in 1916.

Neil Walker

Whittlesey, Cambs