Mick’s memories of Louth

EDITOR – In reply to the letter from Ruth Hill, regarding the shops etc in Riverhead Road, I lived at number 8 of that road from 1946, when I was born, until 1968, when I moved to Riverhead Terrace.

I lived right behind Theodore West’s offices and further along was a general store which was originally run by Charlie Hurst, who, by the way, wouldn’t serve you if he’d seen you go into Meanwell’s store on the corner of Commercial Road and Ramsgate, before going into his shop!

Later on this was owned by Parrinders, then Daisy Fell and her husband, and I think finally by Keith Glentworth.

The next shop was indeed a cobblers, run by Mr Cowley – he lived in Crowtree Lane – and then there was Staffords fish and chip shop.

Directly opposite the shops was my first school, the ‘Tin Hut’, where my first teacher was the lovely Mrs Wyers.

Regarding the railway bridge, the one in Eastgate had the gents’ toilets, but the one with the path to the station was the bridge in Ramsgate, which was also demolished.

Mick Parrish

Eastfield Avenue, Scartho