Moira is not out of touch with views of the public

EDITOR – I refer, with much anger, to Coun Ferryman’s response to Moira Morgan’s letter in last week’s Leader.

He says Moira’s letter shows just how out of touch our former councillors are. I vehemently disagree.

Moira was correct in everything she had to say. The problem here is with people who move to the area and think they can change things overnight. To instigate change takes considerable time to be worthwhile and is done so in consultations with all sections of the community.

It cannot be, and must not be, done on the whims of one inexperienced person. If you do your research, councillor, you will know that we have an excellent community spirit in Sutton that, unlike many communities, has not fragmented but has flourished and developed into the beautiful town we locals and visitors enjoy year on year.


Sutton on Sea