More fundamental issues need to be addressed

EDITOR - RE proposed Development of 149 homes off Fulmar Drive. This proposal is arousing a lot of anger, not surprisingly from those residents of Fulmar Drive and Kestrel Drive who would be seriously affected if the plans were to be approved.

However, apart from concerns over additional traffic, flooding, pressure on schools and other services, I believe there are more fundamental issues that need to be addressed.

We need to know whether or not Louth needs such a development. This is open to serious doubt. One only has to look at the very slow rate of sales of existing properties to realise that there is little demand for housing. And one can also look at existing developments such as the Riverhead development by Persimmon to confirm this opinion.

The answer must be that there is very little demand for new housing, and in turn this must cast serious doubt on the reliability of the council lists of people who have reportedly expressed an interest in coming to Louth, and on which the proposed development heavily relies.

There is also the question of the proposed location for the development - a greenfield site!

How nice and profitable for the site owner and for the developer. But is it the right place? The answer must be a resounding NO.

There are too many problems with this location, and insufficient adequate solutions. There are many suitable brownfield sites in Louth which are far better placed than a farmers field at the end of Fulmar Drive.

These sites must be developed first as a matter of priority, otherwise we will end up with a town of eyesores.

G T Formby

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