More heritage has gone

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EDITOR – Like a candle in the wind, another part of Louth heritage was blown out forever by councillors who aided and abetted the ELDC to take away the Riverhead swimming pool, and give money to the Louth Sports Association for safe keeping.

This was carried out at a special Riverhead swimming pool meeting at Tedder Hall April 6.

The site that was given to the people of Louth by Theodore West and now that that the Meridian Centre is up and running this site should have been developed for the needy who can’t afford such a luxury and expensive tastes as the Meridian Centre offers.

Skate board park and numerous youth activity sports could have been developed at low cost but now that chance has gone.

The result is a disgrace and furthermore months before the special meeting took place there should have been a public meeting to discuss the future of this land which the Louth people own.

Brian Damms