More opposition to Nook plan

EDITOR – I have just read your short article ‘Decision time for Donna Nook plan’ (Leader, June 22).

Your throwaway final line possibly gives lie to the mirage of representation in that place stating that ‘The council has received 29 responses in favour and five against’.

No mention of the full public meetings at North Somercotes where the vast majority are against, similarly full public galleries at ELDC when this matter was discussed last year, the tireless efforts of our local councillor and 500-plus objections in writing to this scheme in its original scope, a scheme that has been modified so slightly that no lay person can tell the difference.

Why no objections this time? perhaps it was because the powers that be at ELDC told the village representatives they did not bow to pressure from any quarter, be it the public or the EA, only strict planning guidelines – or perhaps they have finally succeeded in grinding us down on this matter.

My guess is that the majority of the 29 for are, in fact, RSPB members canvassed to vote online from all quarters of the country, and the five against the only people sane enough not to trust this shower, of which unfortunately I was not one.

Stephen Brooks

North Somercotes